Does Your Marketing Support Business Development?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response has made every organization examine its own ability to adapt during these stressful times. There isn’t a sector that’s been left unchanged by this environment. Some businesses may have been impacted more than others, but at some point everyone will feel the effects in one way or another. 

With this in mind, businesses have been forced to be as steadfast and creative as ever. One area this has been evident is in the spectrum of marketing and branding. It’s vital that businesses take this opportunity to reinforce their messaging to show their organizational flexibility during a period of extreme instability. Focusing on strong, consistent messaging can be the difference between a business weathering the storm and failing to do so. 

So how does a business shift its marketing approach during lean times to drive engagement, continue generating leads, and help bolster its bottom line? By adopting a marketing strategy that places a premium on resilience. This will lead to the adoption of marketing tactics that engage more potential customers and, in turn, lead to more business. 

Here are four best practices you can follow to help your marketing efforts foster greater business development. 

Develop a message that is relevant for today and tomorrow

Your brand message is about more than just your mission statement, though that’s a big part of it too. Your brand message is what permeates throughout all external-facing messaging to communicate what your organization is all about. It’s present in your logo, the language you use to describe your goals and values, and even the colors you choose to represent your business.

Your brand message should be consistent and it should be clear. Think of some of the most valuable brands you know — Nike, Apple, or Coca Cola. What do they have in common? Everything surrounding the brand — messaging, visuals, language — all leads back to the same core idea. 

Whether there’s a pandemic or not, your brand message should communicate that your business is in it for the long haul. It should reflect the reality of today and predict the future of tomorrow. How do you do this? By developing a brand that commits to your core values, has a clear-cut mission in mind, and feels congruent across all its platforms and materials. 

Update your digital presence

The pandemic has been a time of great turmoil and uncertainty for many. While this is unavoidable for some, it’s important to attempt to stay proactive and positive during a tough time. 

From a marketing standpoint, look at this time as an opportunity to hit the “reset” button on your marketing operations. Is there any part of your digital presence that needs updating? Now is the time to do it. That means ensuring you have the following: 

  • An up to date website that provides your potential customers with a clear picture of the solutions you offer with customer testimonials and evidence of why your offering is the right solution for them. 
  • A social media presence that engages your customers with genuine and thought-provoking content across multiple platforms, whether it be via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. 
  • Thought leadership content (blogs, podcasts, videos, etc.) that establish you as a credible authority in your chosen field. This material should be well-researched and delivered confidently, as it can really help set you apart from your competition. 
  • Establish effective “Call to Actions” on your website. Because potential customers are in different stages of their decision-making process, you need different CTAs for each stage. For example, a prospect could be in the research stage, so a video explaining your expertise will be more helpful than asking them to contact you. Potential examples of effective CTAs include: 
    • Schedule a Demo
    • Download 5 Ways to Market Your Business During COVID-19
    • Call for a Messaging Review
    • Watch this video

It’s true that you can’t meet in person right now. While some may see that as a negative, you can choose to see it as a positive. That also means there’s never been a better time to hold a digital event like a webinar to attract potential new customers. Right now more prospects than ever are glued to their phones and laptops. You’ll have to get creative, but there’s never been a better time to bolster your digital efforts in a way that can garner more eyes and more business. 

Create a business development drip campaign

Often times after you meet a potential customer, they may not be ready to discuss your product or service. That’s okay – you can put them into an email drip campaign. This allows you to keep your brand top of mind with valuable content for them. This way, you continue to provide them value and prove your worth as a source of solutions to their problems. They’ll consider this when eventually making their buying decision. 

Content for an email drip campaign can include a video on your product or service, a testimonial from a client about your product or service, data and research, or relevant tips and ideas. 

Adopt a client referral program

Finally, look to develop your brand evangelists in the form of clients or customers you’ve delighted in the past who want to spread the good word of what you’ve done for them to others. When you’ve done an effective job, you’ll want to tap into a program that rewards clients who talk about your successes to others and draw in new business. Offer discounts to clients who steer you in the direction of other potential customers. 

The bottom line on adopting a marketing approach that supports business development

So what’s the next step? Pull together your executive and marketing teams and organize a brainstorming session. With the best practices mentioned above in mind, identify opportunities to continue providing your customers with great service while also driving greater customer acquisition

Are you interested in adapting your marketing to help build new business? Reach out to REBL today. We’ve got experience and knowledge in developing winning marketing campaigns that lead to a healthier bottom line. For more on how we can help, contact us today.

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Relationship Marketing: Interview with Chef and Owner, Nick Brune

In this video interview, Reb Risty, Head REBL at REBL Marketing speaks with Nick Brune, chef and owner of Eco Caters, about their mission and how they use relationship marketing to grow their business.

Do you find it hard, when you are talking with clients, do they understand what your zero waste initiative? Does that really resonate with them?

You know, I would say especially here in California, we’re kind of at the epicenter of this whole culture as far as the organic scene kind of starts out here. Obviously, we’ve got sunshine 70 degrees for most the year, so it’s a little bit easier, right? So yeah, the culture out here, especially, as driven there. But it’s funny, I’m getting contacted by cities left and right. We’re going to be expanding next year. And I mean, Atlanta, Orlando, Boston, Baltimore. These are cities that, that word is out.

Again, like everyone understands this is not a new issue. It’s not just about global warming. It’s, it’s not this Democratic or Republican thing anymore. It’s like, yeah, this is happening. We’ve got a lot of plastic in our oceans. There’s some things we can do to solve these issues, and we’re just trying to take those steps to actually make those things happen. And I think a lot of people are starting to recognize that, so they’re starting to do the same thing.

Well, that’s good. Good. I like to hear that because I think top of mind, you want to be sustainable, you want to be doing the right things, but I think because we’re such fast-paced all the time-

Absolutely.. people are going and going. Easy button.

Yeah, truly. So, my show, I’m obviously marketing, you’ve got a lot of things going on. What strategies are you using to get the word out to your customers?

In the last 12 years, I’ve been through the gauntlet, you could say. So, we’ve done everything on the digital level, from SEO to pay per click. We are just getting into the LinkedIn world, which is working okay. The email campaigns have pretty much been the best and we’re actually moving those in-house through our Salesforce in-house. And I think the email campaigns digitally have been really a really fantastic connection. Pay per click is obviously, it collects the best data for us, right, to where we can actually know where and what and why to spend.

And Eco Caters SEO, again, we’ve been writing a blog for 12 years about organic food online. So, we do really well just organically on those levels. And even more so, again, with what we’re trying to sell now, these longterm contracts for corporations and things like that, like partner with venues, we’re kind of realizing that relationship marketing is more pretty much our best bet. I’d almost rather spend money on an individual to go make sure that they’re having their two meetings a day, rather than hope for five or six leads a day digitally, I can just see my ROI on it a little bit easier.

Wow, I like that. So relationship marketing. Is that part of your sales effort? What does that mean? For anybody who’s not familiar.

Well, this day, right off the bat, it’s pretty much on me to get out and network and be a part, develop our brand here as Eco Caters and get to know the corporate world and have them get to know me. And then from there, it kind of starts to trickle down into all of our salespeople individually, and through peer groups or whatever it may be. Just getting out there and having conversations. We have that set two, run two mentality here.

So, we are trying to set two meetings every day and run two meetings every day, right. And then, I love that book and that saying, “Never eat alone.” So, if you’re going to go have lunch, you should be having a meeting with somebody. And it works out really well. You get to know people around town, you build your own personal network, and most of the time, it’s obviously going to build your pipeline.

You can reach Nick at

Learn more about REBL Marketing at

Power Up Your Customer Acquisition Process In 2020

The customer acquisition process needs to evolve as your business does. Here are three strategies you can implement this year to improve your customer acquisition process and see better results.

To increase engagement rates, integrate video content into your sales emails.

Video in sales content is a powerful medium that captures attention. And it’s effective for conversions, too, with over 60% of people deciding to buy after watching a branded video.

You have to figure out a way to cut through all of the noise – and video is a surefire way to do that. Otherwise, your email could get lost in a prospect’s inbox. The important thing is that you get a visual message in front of your target audience so they are compelled to book an appointment, contact you or make a purchase.

To do that, make sure you:

  • Keep your video between 30 and 60 seconds.
  • Highlight customers’ pain points and how you can help.
  • Don’t forget your call to action.
  • Put the word “video” in the subject line.

Nurture leads through targeted email campaigns.

Leads need to be nurtured. You don’t know where your potential client is in their decision-making process. So, provide valuable information and soft nudges to take action until they’re ready to buy. Decision-makers are busy, and you want to stay top of mind until they’re ready to take action. Maybe they need to learn more or just recently encountered a problem that you can solve. If you’re not reaching out to them periodically, they will forget about you and move on to your competition. This is why it’s so important to familiarize yourself with modern email marketing as a way of retaining leads.

Remember, targeting is key. You’re no longer sending mass emails. Instead, they’re tailored to the audience, and the content within is brief and relevant to your lead. Bit by bit, you’re sharing information with them as they need it, as opposed to bombarding them with a flood of information. This leaves them satisfied, rather than overwhelmed. After all, when you send emails, you don’t want to shove your brand at people. Instead, before you send anything, think, “What’s in it for the customer? What do they really want to know?”

A targeted campaign will allow you to send all sorts of information to your leads over a long period of time. It ensures prospects have what they need to make a decision about your product. Once they buy, they come off that particular email campaign. However, sending new information every few weeks allows each lead to stay connected to you.

Some people need more information before deciding, while some people need more time. The personalized campaign caters to both. Plus, there are plenty of emails for them to click when they’re ready to make their decision. It’s a gentle way of guiding them through the sales funnel so they aren’t forgotten along the way.

Use technology to make sales and marketing more efficient.

CRM stands for customer relationship management. This approach utilizes customer data to make it easier for sales and marketing teams to interact with customers.

The sales team can use a CRM approach to better organize all potential leads, pipelines and contact information in a centralized location. The sales team can also track data based on customer response time and evaluate which approaches work best. By using CRM software, you can automate responses. For instance, if a client does not respond, you can set up your software to send them a follow-up within a few days. This saves time for the sales team and increases productivity.

Likewise, the marketing team can use the marketing automation approach to create better campaigns, with more focused targeting and segmentation. Using a marketing automation approach reduces the time needed to create sophisticated customer relationships.

The CRM approach can be used in tandem with marketing automation software, which enables a team to send personalized campaigns and specific pitches to the right potential clients. Automation tools make tasks easier by having technology assist with repetitive aspects, as well as freeing up the sales and marketing teams to be more productive. By grouping potential clients based on interests and past buying behavior, campaigns can become more targeted and effective. This leads to higher conversion rates, as well as better nurturing of leads.

A CRM approach increases collaboration between the sales and marketing teams, as both teams will share information of what they are doing and planning. This leads to more efficient communication and a better understanding of what each department does.

It’s time to start thinking about customer acquisition strategy differently. It will increase company revenue, streamline efforts and create a better overall customer experience.

Written by Reb Risty for the YEC Council. Link to full article here –

Use Marketing Automation Tools to Keep Communicating with Your Customers

Hi, I’m Reb Risty, Head REBL at REBL Marketing. I’m on the YEC Next Council and part of being on the council gives me access to questions from national publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur. Today I received a question from Forbes on what can businesses do to continue to grow and survive during this time of crisis and down economy?

Keep communicating with your customers

My number one is to keep communicating. Don’t forget to stay in front of your customers, whether it’s through email, your social media, or an e-newsletter. Don’t let them forget that you’re still there and you’re still kicking.

Use Email Marketing Automation Tools

Number two, if you had to let your marketing team go or your marketing agency go, and you’re down to a low budget, marketing automation tools are a great way to continue to help you stay in front of your customers at a low cost and it will help save you time as well.

Some of the email marketing tools that are good for times like these are MailChimp or Constant Contact. They’ll help you to create messages that you can then send out to the masses through one step versus having it reach out individually to every contact in your list.

Use Social Media Marketing Automation Tools

The second marketing automation tool is on the social media side. If you do choose to continue to communicate through social media, there are tools like Hootsuite and TweetDeck that allow you to be able to post a message to many platforms versus having to post to each platform individually.

The great thing about these automation tools is they will give you analytics so you can see who’s looking, who’s reading, who’s opening your emails, your posts, and how they’re engaging.


The best thing though is to keep communicating and let your customers know that you’re fighting to get through this just as much as they are and you’re here with them.

Give me a call if you need any help or you have any questions. We are here to help each other.

Thanks, Reb Risty – or