REBL Services

REBL Services

REBL Marketing brings marketing leadership and experience to your team. Instead of having one person taking care of marketing, you get a full department, from the CMO to marketing coordinator. Why is this an advantage? You have experts at every level when you need them. REBL will also help grow your in-house marketing team.  We will help you bring in the right people at the right time to strategize, plan and execute your fully integrated marketing program. If you are ready to take your marketing program to the next level, let’s talk.
Marketing Strategy

Marketing Leadership & Strategy

We understand that you business is about more than just marketing, so your taylored marketing plan will align with sales, operations and your overall company goals and objectives.

  • Marketing strategy and plans
    • We will work with you to develop a marketing strategy and plan that you can execute yourself or have us manage for you. Marketing strategy and plans include:
      • Proposed marketing budgets
      • Possible online and offline sales strategies
      • PR recommendations (if requested)

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Marketing Support

Marketing support is for the everyday action items that need to get done each month. These are the marketing tactics that keep your brand strong and your message in front of the right people. If you do not do this well, you will be forgotten. REBL will build a customized monthly package for you that feeds your current needs and will grow as you grow.

  • Without consistent marketing support, PPC, social ads, and print ads, direct mail will cost you more and take longer to get traction.
  • Example marketing support package includes:
    • Brand management
    • 2 email blasts a month
    • 1 monthly newsletter
    • Collateral
    • Website management
    • Content creation, such as monthly blog articles
    • PR – monthly topics and pitching

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Public Relations

REBL delivers custom-designed PR campaigns. We excel at building credibility, generating positive press and media exposure and positioning your company as experts in your industry.

Our PR experts support the following industries:

  • Aviation
  • Accounting
  • Financial services
  • Professional services, including lawyers

When designing a PR program, we start by asking three questions:

  1. Is the objective to bring in new clients for a new company?
  2. Are we handling a crisis or any anticipated crisis?
  3. Are we looking to expand your brand’s goodwill with rewards, and recruit talent?

This focus allows us to develop a plan that is right for your company and the stage of its growth.

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Branding & Design

Branding and design are a combination of art and science.  Your brand includes everything from the look and feel of your blog and website to the quality of your products and customer service.  At every touchpoint, your brand must resonate and be strong with the customer.

For example, if your brand message is that you always put the customer first but you have not empowered your customer support team to put them first, there is a disconnect that the customer will not forgive.

Brand management includes:

  • Brand style guide update or creation
  • Collateral
  • Template management
  • Website design and images
  • Creative and messaging direction for social posts
  • Creative and messaging for all content
  • Brand management is part of the marketing support package

Branding and rebranding projects include:

  • Full brand review
  • Establish objectives and goals
  • Client and team interviews
  • Customer/market research and review

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Social Media Management

Social media isn’t just for fun, it is about branding, messaging and culture. With 1.7 billion people on Facebook alone you are missing an opportunity if you are not posting at least two to three times a week.

Social media is like TV. People are randomly surfing channels and looking at it all day long. Even if you do not use social media, guaranteed your customers do. The great thing about social media is there is so much data-rich targeting that can be done with the inexpensive advertising options.

Example social media management package:

  • 2-3 posts a week
  • Creative cultivation and creation using a combination of original and third-party content
  • Monthly content calendars
  • Six month topics and placement plan

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Content Marketing

If content is not part of your marketing strategy, then you are missing a big opportunity.  Your customers are smarter than ever and seek information about you and your services before they even know who you are. If you want to be competitive online and off, you have to have the right content in the right place at the right time.

Content includes:

  • Blog articles
  • Videos
  • Vlogs
  • Infographics
  • Downloadable guides for lead generation
  • E-books

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Website Development & SEO

Every great brand needs a website to tell their story. Our team of web developers not only build great websites, but ensure they are found with proper SEO.

  • Website Development
    • Redesign
    • New site development
    • New page design
    • Navigation update
    • Landing page template development
    • Search engine optimization
  • Monthly Website Management
    • Content updates
    • Landing pages management
    • Monthly analytics


Sourcing Lead Generation Vendor

PPC, social advertising, e-mail lead generation campaigns, inbound calling programs, media buying, etc.

We have some amazing partners who we work with to help strategize and execute your hard core lead generation projects. If we don’t know a good provider, we’ll help you find one. Not only will we find you the right partner, we’ll manage them and hold them accountable for the goals and results agreed upon.

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